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February 10, 2020

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Camp Emerson


Camp Emerson Week 1

            7/5/2020 - 7/11/2020

Camp Emerson Week 2

            7/12/2020 - 7/18/2020

Camp Emerson Week 3

            7/19/2020 - 7/25/2020


For additional information please contact:

California Inland Empire Council

Jessica Parker at 909-793-2463 x129




University of Scouting


Register for 2020 University of Scouting

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Eagle Dinner


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NYLT Session 1 June 8th - 13th

NYLT Session 2 July 27th - August 1st 

NYLT Session 3 December 28th - January 2nd




Fox Fire


  Fox Fire registration June 6th - 13th




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2021 National Jamboree



 STEP #1                    2021 National Jamboree Application 

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Bechtel Summit Reserve – West Virginia - July 21-30, 2021




Presidents and Scouting


Usually, rising to the office of president requires hard work, dedication, and a singular focus on the goal at hand. The same can be said of becoming an Eagle Scout.The earliest presidents weren’t Scouts simply because scouting wasn’t founded until 1910. Not all presidents were Boy Scouts in their youth, and only one, Gerald Ford achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Here is what some of our nations Presidents have had to say about Scouting

1. Theodore Roosevelt

“More and more I have grown to believe in the Boy Scout movement. I regard it as one of the movements most full of promise for the future here in America.”

2. William Howard Taft

“I am very glad to give my sympathy and support to such a movement as this. Anything that directs the boy’s spirit in the right channel for usefulness and for the making of manly men should be encouraged.”

3. Woodrow Wilson

“The Boy Scouts have not only demonstrated their worth to the nation, but have also materially contributed to a deeper appreciation by the American people of the higher conception of patriotism and good citizenship.”

4. Warren G. Harding

“I am with the Scout movement heart and soul…I wish every boy in our America could have the advantage and the honor of being in the Boy Scout organization.”

5. Calvin Coolidge

“If every boy in the United States could be placed under the wholesome influences of the Scout program, and should live up to the Scout Oath and rules, we would hear fewer pessimistic words as to the future of our nation.”

6. Herbert Hoover

“In meeting the vital need that when the oncoming generation takes over our national affairs it shall be a generation bulwarked with character, the Boy Scout movement plays a most useful part.”

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

“As one who has been interested in Scouting over many years, it has been most heartening to have so many evidences of the practical values of Scout training.”

8. Harry S. Truman

 “The Boy Scouts of America, since it was founded in 1910, has contributed greatly to the character training of our youth. What a greater nation this would be if the principles of Scouting could be woven more closely into our daily lives.”

9. Dwight D. Eisenhower

“The Boy Scout movement merits the unstinted support of every American who wants to make his country and his world a better place in which to live.”

10. John F. Kennedy

“In a very real sense, the principles learned and practiced as Boy Scouts add to the strength of America and her ideals.”

11. Lyndon B. Johnson

“Today, as we face the challenges of an increasingly complex and frequently disturbing world, America needs an alert, responsible, and energetic youth to provide her with a vital resource in a hopefully happier and fuller future for all.”

12. Richard Nixon

“I strongly believe that Scouting offers an exceptional opportunity to learn about good citizenship by being a good citizen, and I am glad to hear that we can count on you to carry on the very important work . . . in encouraging America’s boys to make themselves into the men our country needs.”

13. Gerald Ford

“One of the proudest moments of my life came in the court of honor when I was awarded the Eagle Scout badge. I still have that badge.”

14. James Carter

“It [Boy Scouts] is a constructive initiative on the part of young Americans to explore career interests, and to become better prepared for a more satisfying and rewarding future.”

15. Ronald Reagan

 “By sponsoring many useful physical, mental, and social activities designed to promote self-responsibility, the Scouts strengthen the cornerstone of individual freedom in our nation.”

16. George H.W. Bush

“The Boy Scouts of America has assumed a leadership role in confronting this problem [of drug abuse]. You are teaching self-protection strategies against drugs and other dangers.”

17. Bill Clinton

“For almost a century, the Boy Scouts of America have helped to make volunteer service an American ideal.”

18. George W. Bush

“Every day, Scouts are showing that the greatest strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens.”

19. Barack Obama

“Today, Scouts across the country continue in the tradition of collecting food for those in need, improving our neighborhoods, and reaching out to those less fortunate.”

20. Donald Trump

“When you volunteer for the Boy Scouts, you are not only shaping young lives; you are shaping the future of America. The United States has no better citizens than its Boy Scouts.”



Memorial Tributes and Gifts


Your gift to the Memorial and Tribute Fund is a way for you to recognize a special occasion and/or person. It can be a job promotion, presentation of the Eagle Scout Award or the Adult Volunteer Leader Scouting Awards, a birthday or anniversary, a Bar Mitzvah or Confirmation, or to honor the memory of a friend or family member.
Upon receipt of your gift, you will receive an acknowledgement card for tax purposes. The person or family receives a card in your name from the California Inland Empire Council, BSA with no amount mentioned. In addition the memorial or tribute will appear as part of the Monday Memo on the council’s website.
To make a contribution to the California Inland Empire Council Memorial and Tribute Fund, fill out the gift form, and mail the form to California Inland Empire Council, BSA, 1230 Indiana Court Redlands, CA 92374.  Click Here for Tribute Form
Thank you for the following;

In Memory of Bruce Bradley by;


 Amy & Rick Siegfried




Scouting Safely



Scout Shop


The Boy Scouts of America is now hiring part time sales associates at the CA Inland Empire Scout Shop & Old Baldy Scout Shop. This is an outstanding opportunity for a motivated, enthusiastic, Sales Associate in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment.

Job Overview: 
Contribute to the successful daily operation of the Scout Shop by delivering an exceptional customer experience, make sales to customers, keep accurate and on-time timekeeping records, receive orders, process sewing service orders, stock shelves, and maintain a clean, customer friendly environment.

The individual in this position will:

  • Provide exceptional customer service in the store and on the phone.
  • Process customer orders through the POS system.
  • Process sewing service orders by sewing them.
  • Maintain a clean, neat, stocked, properly priced, and organized store.
  • Open and close the store as directed by management using the prescribed policies and procedures.
  • Safeguards BSA monies and merchandise.

Qualifications/ Experience:  

  • Retail sales experience preferred
  • Knowledge of Scouting Program helpful
  • Good communication skills

Perks of job:

  • Flexible work schedule 
  • Great Store Hours:
  • Closed on Sunday 
  • Closed most holidays
  • Employee discount
  • Opportunity for advancement 
  • Store Manager training program
  • Fun, friendly work environment 

Salary: $13.00/Hr – $14.50/Hr 

Applicants should apply to this ad with resume and cover letter.

Please Email for the CA Inland Empire Scout Shop

Please Email for the Old Baldy Scout Shop

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