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New Policy for all Scouting Activities




To: All Parents/Guardians, Adult Leaders, Scouts & Scouters 


Effective immediately, the California Inland Empire Council will require every Scouting activity participant to wear a face covering. This includes all youth & adults who may have been vaccinated from the COVID-19 disease. Face coverings are now required indoors and outdoors during Scouting activities regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are also required during the setup, tear-down, and any other stages separate from all main Scouting activities. This is required regardless of any other recommendations made by vendors, site facilitators, or any other outside organizations.

If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, individuals must not participate with any in-person Scouting meeting nor should they attend any Scouting activity/event. This also includes, and is not limited to: regularly scheduled unit meetings, committee meetings, and/or parent meetings. People who think they may have been exposed to COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider immediately. Signs and symptoms of illness may include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, diarrhea or loss of sense of taste or smell. If anyone at an activity or at home becomes feverish or develops any of the above symptoms, you should call their health care provider for advice and arrange to get tested for COVID-19. Please do not attend any Scouting activities while you are waiting for COVID-19 test results. The California Inland Empire Council recommends that all Scouting activities be conducted outdoors and socially distanced until further notice. We will continue to work alongside our Riverside County & San Bernardino County health departments, and we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible. 


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Our Council's Fall 2021 Membership Incentive is HERE!

— Through September 30, 2021, the Council will cover the Joining Fee for ALL NEW SCOUTS!
— Each unit that increases membership by 20% over the unit's July 15, 2021 total, will get a S'mores Party!
— Want to confirm your July 15 total? Have questions? Feel free to 




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Mt Rubidoux District Unit Serving Executive



It is our pleasure to announce that Jordan McCandless has accepted the position of Senior District Executive for the Mt Rubidoux District! This will be Jordan’s second assignment with the California Inland Empire Council. Jordan has been involved with Scouting as long as he can remember. He has earned all the ranks from Tiger through Eagle and prior to joining the CIEC team was a volunteer with the Inland Northwest Council. Some of his best memories of Scouting were created serving many years on Camp Staff and most recently as the Camp Director for Camp Emerson this year. Jordan is saddened to move out of the Sunrise District where he has meet and worked with many talented and amazing volunteers. He will continue to help the Sunrise District as he makes his transition into Mt. Rubidoux District. Please help us congratulate Jordan McCandless as CIEC’s newest Senior District Executive!


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Scouts Service



Participating in Scouting has improved the lives of many of us. I can say with great certainty that a big part of why I am such an ardent conservationist, outdoors person, and all-around lover of nature is due to the decade I spent in Boy Scouts as a youth. Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence, and competence while helping to make the world a better place. Many of our staff here at The Living Desert not only participated in scouting, but have reached its highest levels as a Gold Award Girl Scout or an Eagle Scout in Scouts BSA.

To become a Gold Award or Eagle Scout, a scout needs to complete a large project that will not only help make the world a better place, but also enable them to gain project planning and leadership skills. It is often difficult to find an organization that has the interest and ability to help scouts with diverse interests, as I encountered as I was trying to design my own Eagle Scout project in Laramie, Wyoming. With COVID restrictions on top of the normal challenges, it has been even harder for them. Because of this, The Living Desert decided to step up over the last year and help many scouts reach their full potential

Since November of 2021, we have had five Eagle Scouts complete projects on the grounds of The Living Desert. These scouts worked with me to design their project for something that we have needed done at The Living Desert. Once their review committees approved it, we planned and implemented the projects. These amazing projects have included two that were focused on improving desert tortoise pens that we use for rearing and releasing desert tortoises back into the wild, one that created a native plant interpretation presentation at the Trains Exhibit, one improved the well-being for the wallabies and echidna in Australia, and one that helped us restack pavers that were strewn about because their pallets degraded.

Each of these projects have met a crucial need that The Living Desert had and will allow us to be an even more effective conservation organization! We are so grateful to each of the scouts, their families and troops, and their other volunteers for all the great work that they each did. Most of the above projects are obviously of great conservation and animal welfare benefits, but the project restacking the parking lot pavers is one that merits some extra attention. Not only did that scout make it possible for us to be able to move and thus use those pavers next year, their work has made it possible for us to progress with a very large zoo-wide reorganization and improvement project that was stuck until their project was completed!

Scouts not only help us with their Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects, they helped in one-off interventions that got more accomplished than we could have even hoped! A group of Scouts BSA spent nearly a full Saturday with us to complete their large service project to earn their Order of the Arrow, another prestigious award through scouting. This group of 40 scouts helped us clean up and greatly remodel a building where we will be rearing an imperiled population of Western pond turtles. Since they had some extra time, they also assembled some tables for our plant propagation center – all in one day

We have had several Scouts BSA troops come out and help us with trail maintenance in a morning. One artistic group of Girl Scouts created solitary bee nest boxes to facilitate reproduction of these important desert pollinators.

Scouts save species, and The Living Desert feels lucky to have such an extensive network of supportive scouts from across Southern California. Thanks to all that you Scouts have done to make our corner of the world here at The Living Desert a better place for species, ecosystems, and humans!


Did You Know...

  • In the 1970s, Boy Scouts helped clear the inaugural 3-mile nature trail here at The Living Desert.
  • Before the 1990s, fewer than 2% of all Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Award. Since the 1990s, the percentage who reach the highest level each year have increased to about 7%! It is a rare accomplishment.
  • The Gold Award, the highest accomplishment among Girl Scouts of the USA is achieved even less commonly at present. Fewer than 6% of all Girl Scouts receive the Gold Award!?
  • The Order of the Arrow recognizes Scouts BSA who best live the Scout Oath and Law every day. To achieve this rare honor, the prospective scout must complete an ordeal. The ordeal ranges widely, but it may involve a large service project or a strenuous camping or hiking achievement.

Your support makes all the difference!

Working together we can build on conservation efforts locally and around the globe that will make real and profound headway in our mission of desert conservation and saving species from extinction. Your support makes a difference to the animals in our care, those in the wild, and those to come
















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